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Intro To Illustration

Taught By: Ms. Jen

In this course students will cover the following larger units: Intro to Drawing,  Figure Drawing, & Comics/Manga/Cartoon Design. Basic drawing and figure drawing will give you a foundation for creating work as a graphic artist and for later fine arts work like painting and sculpting. Comic Book/Cartoon design will focus on comic/cartoon literacy, structure, design, and world building.  

Intro To Design

Taught By: Ms. Jen

In this course students will be introduced to foundational methods and skills of graphic design, story structure, character design, theater appreciation, photograph, and animation. They will learn the technical skills to create storyboard, set designs, and more. They will also begin studying theater appreciation.  Within Play/Musical and Film Appreciation students will learn to read scripts, analysis film, and the history of the art form. Technical drawing will teach students concepts of scale, dimension, and design for onstage performances.

Intro To Production

Taught By: Ms. Knowles

This class consists of two large units: Play/Musical and Film Appreciation and Technical Drawing. Within Play/Musical and Film Appreciation students will learn to read scripts, analysis film, and the history of the art form. Technical drawing will teach students concepts of scale, dimension, and design for onstage performances. We will focus on four units: Set Design, Lighting Design, Costume Design, and Makeup Design. Students will become familiar with stage directions, terminology, and hands out design techniques. We will be working on designs and watching performances both during and outside of class.    


Into To Art History /Art History

Taught By: Ms. Jen & Ms. Knowles

Students will be introduced to great works of art throughout history to gain a greater understanding of the people, and the historical context that inspired them.  The breadth of this course encompasses art from prehistoric to contemporary eras.

Stagecraft I
Taught By: Ms. Knowles

Students will be able to identify terminology, tools, and procedures used in basic technical applications within a theater production. Students will create artwork for campus events and productions, as well as complete in class projects. Simple hand tools, basic power tool use, and safety practices will be prominently discussed before the use of application in any project.  


Artist Techniques

Taught By: Ms. Jen

SStudents will learn to use different techniques in drawing, sculpting, filming, paints, and other visual mediums. They will then apply these techniques to both visual and performing arts throughout the year, in addition to two art shows for the community.  They have a focus on all visual mediums. Students will develop technical skills and creative thinking and planning skills.       

Stagecraft II

Taught By: Ms. Knowles

Students will continue to learn the terminology, tools, and procedures used in advanced technical applications of theater production. Students will create pieces for campus events and productions as well as in class projects. Projects will be larger and more intricate than Stagecraft I and heavily depend on lessons from Stagecraft I.

Performance Seminar

Taught By: Ms. Knowles & Director Mitchell

 Students in this class will be responsible for producing several small productions and two large productions within class. The focus of this class will be on student produced performances and projects. The students will be allowed to focus on a single area of study or do a different area for each production. 

Film Techniques

Taught By: Ms. Knowles

Students will learn the basics of film. They will start with gaining knowledge of global film history through the ages. Students will then move the film making and will learn screenplay writing, storyboarding, camera work, and editing techniques. Students will end this class with an intermediate knowledge of film, film crews,  and the process of producing films.

The Artist-Scholar Credo

As an artist-scholar at SPA:

  1. I humble myself by entering each space with the mind of the beginner.

  2. I believe that talent is not a substitute for training.

  3. I understand that disappointment and discomfort can lead towards mastery and self-discovery.

  4. I commit myself to the creation of meaningful, shared experiences.

  5. I am always auditioning.

Our Department Vision

The Production and Design Conservatory at SPA aims to prepare students with pre-professional, conservatory level training in the following ways:

  • Student will receive a rigorous, globally focused curriculum that include coursework in scenery, costumes, makeup, lighting, audio, props, stage management, and art/theatre history.

  • Students will become well rounded artist-scholars, who understand elements of design, engineering, theory, and construction in all areas of production.

  • Regardless of a student’s area of study after our program, students will be able to immediately enter the workforce at a competitive level or prepare for admission into a prestigious Production and Design program at the college level.    


The Transformative Tenets 

The COCOSPA Department of Production and Design believes:

  • That you should fight to be a well rounded artist, scholar, and student. We are never done learning and that the best education is received by those who work to obtain it.

  • We are always working as an ensemble. This is true throughout our lives and we should strive to be an active and productive member of this team. This means being empathic, courteous, punctual, hardworking, and commitmented to active investigation.

  • We can always learn more from one another than we can alone and should be open to being both the teacher and the student at all times. This program is designed to be student led, student designed, and student produced.    

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